which I've wrote when I was working as copywriter,
not I've directed to be clear:)


"Gururla yerli / Domestic with pride"

Tv and 360 campaign for Turkey's biggest technology manufacturer Vestel. The campaign's motto was "Locally proud" and the voice over was challenging the people who thinks that Turkey can't produce technology. 


"If you don't have a luxury like that"

Tv and internet campaign for Siemens. The campaign slogan was "If you don't have a luxury like that, have a luxury like this".


"Volkswagen thanks back"

To celebrate the 1.000.000 member of Volkswagen Turkey Facebook page, we launched a film campaign. In the films, Volkswagen’s thanked to the their fans in their own ways.

"A Volkswagen never leaves your love unaccounted for.

A Million thanks to the 1.000.000 Volkswagen lovers."


Modular Health Insurance

To explain the complex health insurance system of Allianz, we've found a simple way.

V-Brunch Coffee Maker


When watching a fascinating movie after a tiring day, regardless of its genre, we try to stay awake just to be able to see the end. This is the insight we used to communicate Vestel V-Brunch Coffee Maker. We used a specific technique to consecutively narrow and widen the viewing area to mimic our vision as if the viewers’ eyelids are feeling heavy.