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“Words break censorship!” This is the message we wanted to send to the world by using the censorship itself. “The restrictions on freedom of expression became more dominant after Gezi Park Protests. The effects can be seen on the street wall writings. Nowadays the protest writings on the walls are covering with paint immediately” says the official statement.


“As Amnesty Turkey, we decided to criticize this censorship by using the censorship itself. We shot thousands of censored wall photographs in 15 neighborhoods of İstanbul” and created “Typography of Censorship” from them. A new kind of activism made of fonts that you can download without charge and use freely and keep the message of equitable freedom clear.

Case video

Case video

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LIA (London International Awards), 2015 Design Use of Typography: Gold


Eurobest Awards, 2015 Print & Poster Craft Print: Bronze

Cannes Lions Shortlist

Clioawards Shortlist

Crystal Apple Awards:

5 Cyrstal Apple,

Black Sea Awards: Gold

Kırmızı Awards:

4 Kırmızı

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